Jurgen Klopp insists Manchester United will not have thrown the towel in just yet, even if the Premier League title appears to be heading across the city. During his pre-match press conference

Jurgen Klopp said: “Of course, a very tough game. Very tense game for both teams. We could see last night Manchester United playing and they’re good. After the half-time talk they were really flying. It’s a tough one. I’m sure United still believe in their chance [of winning the title at the expense of City] and it will be a game with two teams trying to win. This is a good start for a football game, I would say. Both teams have to win it. Let’s see what we can make of that.”

Despite the quick turnaround, though, Klopp doesn’t expect to be posed with a much different challenge from the one which faced Roma last night, while he also pointed to the threat of Pogba, one of four different goalscorers for United against the Italians.

Jurgen Klopp added: “I don’t think United wanted to change a lot. I think 75 per cent of their team is the same team playing most of the games. With the four up front, Fernandes is playing pretty much all games and the other three he can change from time to time. Is it Rashford up front or Greenwood up front? Is it James on the wing or Greenwood on the wing? Is Rashford on the wing or is it Pogba? Obviously, Pogba played a really good game again last night. Who we will face is pretty clear. United cannot make massive changes and probably will not make [any] if they had no injuries last night. I think that’s clear.”

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