Albion head coach Graham Potter believes the Premier League is still very much determined by finances. The Seagulls opponents tomorrow night, Everton, are one of number of sides that have invested heavily during the transfer windows. But Potter believes money still very much talks in the division.

Graham Potter said: “It’s obvious, and that it’s not just in the Premier League. 95 per cent of the top leagues are determined by finances. That’s what it is. Then the finances buy you the best players and the best coaches. That’s normal and Carlo Ancelotti is one of the biggest. There is nothing strange about that. Every league, there are clubs who have bigger finances and different resources. But that’s the beauty of football – and you have to use what you have, to try to be competitive and do your best to find a way to beat the system – which is the financial power. But as you can imagine that does not just happen it take weeks, days, or months. it takes a bit of time – that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Potter was then asked would he love to have the money to spend on his squad that Carlo Ancelotti has got at Everton, to which

Graham Potter said: “More money, more problems I think that’s the saying. I don’t look at anyone else and think I wish I was this or that. I understand my club, the club I’m at, and that I’m very fortunate to have what I do and try to make the most of what we have. It’s being thankful and appreciative of that. That’s what we do. Again. We know its a competition and everyone else has different opportunities, chances, advantages, and disadvantages. That’s the nature of the league. It would be boring if we were all the same.”

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