Liverpool defender Andy Robertson has explained the reason behind his viral reaction to Trent Alexander-Arnold’s winning goal against Aston Villa.

Andy Robertson revealed: “To be honest, I would love to say the reaction was for Trent but I couldn’t care less who had scored it – I just wanted the three points! We know it’s getting to the point of the season where dropped points just hurt you that bit more in terms of the league positions and things like that, so it was just a huge goal for us. For me, it’s a sign of a world-class player: when world-class players don’t perform to the levels that maybe they have done then people criticise them more. People criticise them more than your normal player, or your ordinary player. For me, I know it’s hard for Trent but he should take it as some sort of compliment, the fact that so much noise has been made about him. But for me and the teammates and for somebody that’s close to him and that cares for him, it’s just about trying to keep his confidence at the highest level because when it’s like that, you know, nobody touches him. I thought on Saturday he put in a very good performance, I thought against Arsenal he was excellent. Of course he struggled against Madrid in midweek but we all did, not one of us played well but more gets said about Trent’s performance than anyone else’s. For me, he’s a strong character, he’s always been that since he’s been a young age and that’s why he is where he is – that’s why he’s at the top of the game at a very early age and he’ll come over all the criticism. But it’s just about trying to not let it affect him and trying to do what he does on the pitch, because when he does that then I don’t think anyone can touch him.”

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