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#PLHistory #premierleaguestories #PL #Premierleague – Remembering the first @premierleague weekend of @SkySports with bands like #CuriosityKilledtheCat

The attempt to bring a little US-style glitz and razzle-dazzle to the Premier League in 1992-1993 season had an awkward start. Yes, British domestic football had a major landscape change in the summer of 1992 when Sky sports  acquired rights to the birth of the Premier League, a deal which reshaped the entire structure of the British game.

In part 1 , we covered how cheerleaders were introduced to perform during half time and razzle/dazzle the crowd which was a surprise for premier league fans at that time. Below are other highlights of the opening day weekend which premier league fans should always remember.

Parachutists entered unfinished stadium before kick-off for no apparently good reason.

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Several bands also bravely attempted to plug their latest single above chants of ‘who are you?, who are you?’, most notably Spurs fans The Shamen, who were perhaps understandably booed off at Highbury. Most notable were “Curiosity Killed the Cat” who produced their latest hit with appalling sound quality and celebrities are wheeled out to add glamour.

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For the first Sky-styled ‘Super Sunday’, ‘Canadian’ boxer Lennox Lewis is at the City Ground for Nottingham Forest v Liverpool telling the viewers that ‘yeah I like soccer’ and that his favourite teams are Arsenal and West Ham and Crystal Palace.

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TV Broadcasters produced  two whole hours of pre match discussion as part of  Super Sunday build-up. Yes, two whole hours! After finally realising that even the most die-hard fans don’t need 120 minutes of inane waffle, the station eventually halved the running time in 1996.

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