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Graeme Souness
1992-1993-Season Posts

#PLHistory #premierleaguestories #PL on May 10 1993 – #GraemeSouness was to stay as Liverpool #LFC manager as the club divided over the decision

Graeme Souness was set to continue as the Liverpool manager after winning the confidence of the club’s board of directors, Chairman David Moores announced. But one member of the board, Tony Ensor, revealed that he was resigning in protest at the decision.

David Moores said “As you will know, the past few days at Anfield have probably been the most difficult in the club’s history. That started when Souness approached me to ask whether he had the full confidence of the board. The talks went longer than we wished but for all of us the most important thing was to reach the best conclusion. Now it is sorted out and we hope that Graeme remains the manager of Liverpool for many years to come.”

Graeme Souness said “At no time I wanted to leave the club. I would like to serve for the remaining three years of my contract and hopefully get rewarded another one. I came here because of the feeling I have with the club. The job I had at Rangers was great, because I was a shareholder, director and the manager. But the pull of this place was that great that I felt I had to come back.”

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