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Ron Atkinson
1992-1993-Season History Posts

#PLHistory #premierleaguestories #PL on Mar 30 1993 – #RonAtkinson Furious at Reserves Championship Ruling in #titlerace

Aston Villa manager Ron Atkinson hit out over a decision which could have the potential to cost Villa a double title celebration. Apart from their premier league bid, Villa reserves were also on the course for Pontin’s league championship. But international selections had left them without four players for their crucial upcoming clash against fellow contenders Nottingham Forest. And the league turned down their request for the game to be postponed despite the opponent’s Forest happy to co-operate.

Ron Atkinson said “We have four players in Turkey with England under 21s and one in Denmark. It seems that premier league matches can be changed at the drop of a hat but Pontin’s league officials don’t want to know.”

But the Pontin League’s secretary didn’t see merit in the argument and said that Villa had 52 players on their rosters and it shouldn’t be a problem for them to put out a strong team for the competition.

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