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Vinnie Jones
1992-1993-Season History Posts

#PLHistory #premierleaguestories #PL on Mar 29 1993 – Wimbledon bad boy #VinnieJones got banned, again !!

Vinnie Jones was having a nightmare season when it came to dealing with suspensions and bans from the football association. The latest instalment of which saw the Wimbledon player getting one-match ban for not attending a hearing scheduled to decide another ban on him for accumulating disciplinary points. Wimbledon chief executive and secretary were at the FA headquarters well in time but Jones did not arrive despite multiple phone calls and said that he thought the meeting was one hour later then actual time was the reason why he got late.

He got one-match suspension from the FA and an indefinite ban from the game until he appeared for another disciplinary hearing.

Jones had also been banned for four months as well as £20000 in fine earlier that month for appearing in a controversial video “soccer’s hard men” where he accepted to violence and cheating on the field to win matches.


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