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Paul McGrath
1992-1993-Season History Posts

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Life had come full circle for Paul Mcgrath, a one-time security guard at Blanchardstown Hospital and a player who had an unceremonious exit from Manchester United where his former manager Alex Ferguson claimed that the player had a drugs problem and he had to involve a pastor for help was the PFA player’s player of the year for that season.

But Mcgrath was not content with his achievement and wanted to go for a bigger prize, he had his eyes set on the premier league title after winning the prestigious award.

Paul McGrath said “It would be a nice way to crown my season. Only a few years ago a lot of people hinted that things might go sour. That once you leave a big club, particularly Manchester United, you are going downhill after that. I’m just delighted that it has worked out at Villa, another big club. But there are bigger things to look forward to. We have a real chance of the championship.”

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