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Andy Sinton Queen Park Rangers
1993-1994-Season Featured History Posts

#PLHistory #premierleaguestories #PL on Aug 17 1993 – Arsenal manager #GrahamGeorge warned #AndySinton “We won’t mess about” #ArsenalFC

As the transfer saga of Andy Sinton dragged on, Arsenal manager Graham George warned the QPR player that the gunners won’t mess around forever in order for him to make up his mind. For the whole summer, it had looked like that Sinton wanted to join Arsenal before announcing that he needed more time to think about the move and then his links with Sheffield Wednesday resurfaced.

Graham George said “He’s had enough time. He’s not given us an answer so the deal is off. I thought he wanted to join Arsenal and was surprised when he asked for time to think about our offer. I’m not prepared to wait any longer. This club is not going to be messed about. I like to think that any player I buy is committed to the club and wants to wear an Arsenal shirt.”

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