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Roy Keane Manchester United
1992-1993-Season History Posts

#PLHistory #premierleaguestories #PL on April 25 1993 – #RoyKeane ’s exuberance must be controlled said Ex Portsmouth & Irishman #EoinHand

Former Portsmouth and Swindon Town player and Irish legend Eoin Hand was of the opinion that Roy Keane was one of the best talents to have come out of Ireland but his energy and exuberance must be controlled and channelled properly for him to fulfil his potential.

Eoin Hand said “He played as a centre back when Forest needed, he has single-handedly controlled their midfield and has one of the best-attacking numbers in that team. If and when Forest make the drop in the first divison, the bigger clubs will be queueing up for Keane’s services. Blackburn wants the best in the country, Manchester United and Liverpool are always in the line as well. Being sent home from Jersey, getting into a fracas in a night club and now making an obsene gesture to Arsenal fans. The more publicity he gets, the more prone he will be to it. He must learn for hisown good, that on occasions the natural exuberance he has should be exercised at the right time and place.”

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