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Lee Dixon was fearing that Turkish hatchet men had made him pay a heartbreaking FA cup price for his world cup bravery. The Arsenal right-back bore the brunt of a night of malice in Izmir, Turkey and was looking like that he would miss out the historic Wembley semi-final against Spurs later that week due to a badly bruised shin.

Lee Dixon said “I got an elbow in the throat early on, then a kick on the knee. But it was a whack just above the left foot which is the biggest problem. I must be doubtful buts its too early to make a definite decision. But yeah if I have to miss out, it will be heartbreaking, it’s a tough one to take.”

Dixon’s only consolation was that England did manage to score two goals and won the match and already had their destiny in their own hands prior to the last match against Holland later that month.

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