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Alan Kernaghan
1993-1994-Season History Posts

#PLHistory #PremierLeagueStories #PL on 24 September 1993 – I signed a new deal because I was bored said Manchester City’s new signing #AlanKernaghan #MCFC

In an extraordinary interview, Manchester City defender Alan Kernaghan admitted that financial security and sheer boredom were the main reasons why he signed a new three-year deal at Middlesbrough before moving to Manchester a few weeks later. Kernaghan went through agonies during that summer offering his services to the likes of Norwich and Blackburn. Every time he was linking up with the Irish Squad, he was playing with players playing in England on huge salaries and the need for financial security forced him to sign a new deal at Middlesbrough.

Alan Kernaghan said “I got bored waiting around for something to happen and signed the new deal. Then City came in out of the blues and a few days later I was playing against Wimbledon. Its all been hectic but I think I am doing pretty well. It’s impossible to judge from one game and that was against Wimbledon. I am certain that I have more to offer, both at the club and international level. Players are not politicians and once they are in the dressing room, football is the only subject up for discussion. The whole boardroom business has passed the squad and it’s all about the results now.”

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