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Pavel Srnicek Newcastle United
1993-1994-Season History Posts

#PLHistory #PremierLeagueStories #PL on 19 August 1993 -We might as all pack in and go home said furious Newcastle United #NUFC manager #KevinKeegan over #PavelSrnicek Red Card

Newcastle United was ready to appeal the three-match ban imposed on Pavel Srnicek after the Czech keeper was sent off against Coventry. Manager Kevin Keegan was furious for the decision and wanted the ban to be turned over ahead of their visit to Old Trafford later that week.

Kevin Keegan said “I am not only sticking up for Pav but I am also appealing his three-match ban. There are still three days to go and we have sent the tapes to the FA. If what Pav did warranted a red card, then we all might as well pack in and go home. Players are maiming each other and this is what he gets for going for the ball. A three-match suspension has only added insult to the injury as far as we are concerned.

Newcastle United was ahead in the match before Coventry City scored two late goals to snatch the first premier league points off the season away from Newcastle.

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