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1993-1994-Season Posts

#PLHistory #PremierLeagueStories #PL on 13 September 1993 – #LeeFrancis Officially Put a £15 million Bid to take over Manchester City #MCFC

After weeks of speculation and turmoil at Maine Road, Manchester City legend Francis Lee accelerated his £15 million takeover bid for the club when he and his consortium formally approached City with firm proposals. Lee, 49 and the other two members of his consortium met lawyers and financial advisers in Manchester and then announced their move but kept details of the movie under wraps.

City chairman Peter Swales who claimed Lee was facing opposition from another prospective buyer, was making no comment about the development, but club’s secretary did put out a short statement.

Manchester City said, “We have received a letter and it will be dealt with through the appropriate channels.”

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