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Howard Kendall Everton
1993-1994-Season Posts

#PLHistory #PremierLeagueStories #PL on 13 September 1993 – Business as usual at Goodison amidst Takeover Speculation Surrounding the club said Everton manager #HowardKendall #BluesFamily

Howard Kendall had revealed that week that it was business as usual at Goodison in the face of weekend speculation regarding an alleged takeover of the club.

Howard Kendall said “I am well aware of the situation that the club is in, in terms of trying to raise extra finances. But we are just getting on with what we are employed to do, which is myself managing, the coaches coaching and the players playing. If there was going to be a new owner my position would depend on whether he wanted to make dramatic changes.”

Howard Kendall said “But if it meant the club financially was going to be in a better state and there was more scope for the manager then it could only be a good thing. I am sure that should there be any positive developments my chairman will inform me.”

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