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Neil Ruddock Queen Park Rangers
1993-1994-Season Posts

#PLHistory #PremierLeagueStories #PL on 06 September 1993 – #NeilRuddock accussed Tottenham Chairman Alan Sugar of Tapping Phone Calls of Ex Manager #TerryVenables #THFC

  • Tottenham Chairman Alan Sugar tapped Terry Venables phones claimed Neil Ruddock

Former Tottenham Hotspur star and a Liverpool player at the time, Neil Ruddock had claimed that Spurs Supremo Alan Sugar secretly bugged a highly confidential telephone call with sacked boss Terry Venables and another one of his players. Ruddock was one of the most vociferous supporters of Venables was shocked when Sugar used a tape recording of their conversation where the former manager and Ruddock were discussing the player’s new contract.

Neil Ruddock said “Terry was staggered when he heard about it. He had no knowledge at all that his call to his chairman was recorded They made me out to be the villain of the piece with a pack of lies, a day after making me sign a letter promising I would say nothing about the club or the transfer. It turned the Spurs fans against me – and I want to know exactly what happened and I left.”

Ruddock also believed that Spurs could have won the title if Venables had stayed at the club that season.

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