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Glenn Hoddle and Dan Petrescu Chelsea
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Tottenham Manager Ossie Ardiles hailed Spurs legend and new Chelsea boss Glenn Hoddle ahead of their London Derby

Ossie Ardiles was prepared to cross swords with Glenn Hoddle at White Hart Lane but admitted that he had unbounded admiration for his one-time partner in the Spurs midfield and hailed Hoddle’s legacy at the North London club.

Ossie Ardiles said “We have nobody to compare with him. He was always a wonderful player and still is. I can’t compare of any of my players with him but that does not mean we can not beat him and Chelsea. I am confident because of the good start my boys have made. It will be interesting to clash with Glenn again. I had nine years with him at Spurs and we developed an instant repo. But I have to still have great admiration for him. When he came from France Three years ago he had an injury so bad that not even he would have predicted that he would still be playing today at this level. I am not saying where we have special plans for him tonight. Chelsea may need special plans for us.”

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