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Tony Cottee
1992-1993-Season History Posts

#PLHistory #premierleaguestories on March 15 1993 – Nottingham Forest not too big to go down – Everton star #TonyCottee

The idea that Nottingham Forest was too good and big to be relegated had been exposed as sentimental hogwash by Everton’s Tony Cottee who had scored two goals for Toffees who had beaten Forest a day earlier.

Tony Cottee said “They were poor. Everyone says what a good footballing side they are, which is true on their day but they have to start getting together because they are running out of games. They have struggled to put in good performances through out the season so you do fear for their safety.. You expect relegation haunted teams to battle and while I know it’s not Forest’s style. I expected them to create a bit more. We’ve got some good battlers, we have that little bit of steel that’s needed. Maybe Forest are missing that.”

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