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Southampton had lifted themselves out of the relegation zone with four wins out of six matches since the start of the new year. And their manager Ian Branfoot had given positive instructions to his team for their upcoming visit to Old Trafford that weekend.

Ian Branfoot said “We worked on the shape yesterday and the manager was keen that I should get into attacking positions. At the moment Ryan Giggs and Eric Cantona are rated as doubtful starters, but we are not sure if that’s only a ploy.”

Their Irish full-back Jeff Kenna also said that they had learned from a tiring match against the Red Devils last time around and were willing to apply the learnings

Jeff Kenna said “I had Giggs for the first half and he likes to get close to his defender and use all kinds of tricks to turn whichever way he pleases. Then they brought Lee Sharper over to my side and halftimes and he was the almost exact opposite. He shows you the ball, knocks it by you and sprints after it. That’s wearing on the legs.”

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