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Dave Bassett
1992-1993-Season History Posts

#PLHistory #premierleaguestories on Feb 14 1993 – Sheffield United boss #DaveBassett claims they can beat Manchester United

In what seemed like a statement given out more out of the mind games for a premier league game two months away, Sheffield United boss Dave Bassett boldly predicted that his side would win in the FA Cup fixture between the two clubs that week.

The Blades had been a bogey team for Manchester United where many matches in the previous seasons had followed a similar pattern. The Yorkshire based club would take an early lead and then defend bravely to deny the Red Devils a victory. Even that season both the teams had faced each other in the opening match of the season where Sheffield had beaten Manchester United.

Even Peter Schmeichel acknowledged the danger.

Peter Schmeichel said “We simply must stop them from taking an early lead. They keep doing it and we end up chasing the game against a side which makes life difficult because they defend so well.”

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