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Joe Kinnear
1992-1993-Season History Posts

#PLHistory #premierleaguestories on Feb 13 1993 – #JoeKinnear challenged #GaryLineker to visit Wimbledon over the derogatory remarks

Joe Kinnear had invited Gary Lineker to spend a week with Wimbledon “to form a better opinion of what we are all about”. The Dons manager lashed out over Lineker for his “flippant, derogatory remark” for the South London Club on Match of the day. Lineker had said, “I would rather watch Ceefax that Wimbledon”.

Joe Kinnear said “I was very bitter about his remark about us. He was a classic, great player who did so much for the game. But now he’s on television presenting pre-conceived ideas people without knowing what we are really all about. I’d like him to spend a week with us and get a better-informed opinion. But I don’t suppose he will be able to do that because he’s so busy in his own life even to go to matches regularly.”

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