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Howard Kendall Everton
1992-1993-Season History Posts

#PLHistory #premierleaguestories on Feb 13 1993 – Everton manager #HowardKendall believes club has no divine right to not get relegated

Howard Kendall looked at the premier league dogfight that was unfolding and warned his club that “No club is too big to go down!” The Goodison boss wanted his words to hammer home and sharpen his player’s appetite for the battle that was looming. The Blues, fifth from bottom In the table, we’re going up against Aston Villa that weekend.

Howard Kendall said “I read articles in newspapers in which players claim that we are too good to go down. It has been said about other sides – like Nottingham Forest. It’s a favourable statement, but it cuts no ice with me. No one has a divine right to stay up. It’s up to every individual to roll up their sleeves and make sure we move clear.”

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