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Dalian Atkinson Aston Villa
1992-1993-Season History Posts

#PLHistory #premierleaguestories on Feb 13 1993 – #DalianAtkinson couldn’t wait to move Aston Villa back to top

Dalian Atkinson wanted to give championship chasing Aston Villa a double title boost at Chelsea later that day. First, the £1.6 million strikers wanted to live Villa by returning to action after an eight-match lay off because of a stomach muscle injury, and then also announce his long-awaited return by helping his side to a win that would put them back on top of the premier league.

Atkinson who had been forced to sit idle by January, was keen to get on with it .

Dalian Atkinson said “There’s still a third of the season to go and I’ll be trying to make up for the lost time. I tried to come back too early, initially against Manchester City, which made things worse.”

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