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Roy Keane Nottingham Forest
1992-1993-Season History Posts

#mustread #PremierLeagueStories on Jan 7 1993 – Nottingham Forest manager #BrianClough suggested that #RoyKeane was “Greedy”

Roy Keane had been dubbed a “greedy child” by Brian Clough after demanding a £1 million deal to stay at Nottingham Forest. The Republic of Ireland midfielder was believed to want £6500 a week to pledge his future to Forest for the upcoming three years. But Clough had warned Football’s most wanted man not to hold the club to ransom.

Brian Clough said “Keane is the hottest property in the game right now, but he’s not going to bankrupt the club. He is like a kid who wakes up on Christmas morning and finds an apple, an orange and 50 pence in his stocking. He wants more.”

Keane who wanted a clause written into his contract allowing him to leave if Forest went down, had already attracted a £3.5 million bid from Blackburn Rovers.

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