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Adama Traore
2019-2020-Season Daily News Posts

#mustread #PremierLeagueStories on Jan 6 2020 – How #AdamaTraore transformed to muscular fast motorcycle that #PepGuardiola fears ??

Adama Traore’s incredible body transformation  from scrawny kid to hulking hench Wolves winger has been no less than a miracle. Go on to the Wolves winger’s Wikipedia page and you are greeted with a photo of a skinny, lanky, somewhat awkward looking teenager in 2012. The Spanish speedster was just 16 when the snap was taken, but seven years on it is clear to see he has bulked up by packing on loads of muscle mass.Traore, 23, has always been known for his speed and trickery. His change, though, has coincided with his radical body transformation.

Traore signed for Barcelona in 2004 and progressed through the youth ranks before making his one and only appearance for the senior side in December 2014.He was ultimately deemed not good enough though and the following year moved to Aston Villa. Relegation forced him into a rethink and he signed for Middlesbrough before going down with them too. You would have been forgiven for thinking he was cursed at that point but Wolves boss Nuno Espirito Santo clearly saw something building. The Molineux gaffer authorised Traore’s £18million move in August 2018 and a bulked up physique has coincided with powerful performances on the pitch. Pace, bulging biceps and a killer instinct – Traore now has it all.

Pep Guardiola was unsurprisingly full of praise for the muscly winger after the game. Pep Guardiola said “He is a motorcycle! It’s almost impossible. Nobody can handle this pace.”

Pep Guardiola is one manager who is  sick of the sight of Adama Traore. The man built like a heavyweight boxer, yet possessing the exhilarating speed of a 100m runner, was once again instrumental in inspiring Wolves to a memorable win over Manchester City. It’s not as if ​City hadn’t been warned about the incredible raw ability that Traore possesses. The flying Spaniard scored twice for Wolves in a shock 2-0 win at the Etihad back in October – which put a serious dent in the Citizens title bid. Even before the game, Guardiola claimed that the only way to stop him was with a motorcycle. Even then it probably wouldn’t be enough.

This really seems to be a coming-of-age season for Traore. From a headless winger to an unplayable, explosive one.


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