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Sean Dyche reminded football authorities to do a better job in refereeing football games to prevent the game becoming a watered-down version of the sport, where tackles and aerial challenges are effectively outlawed.

Sean Dyche has proudly highlighted that clarets only had two red cards since February 2017. He feels there is more made of physical challenges now than his pet hate diving, which seems to be more tolerated in the modern game.


Sean Dyche said “I thought it was a confusing one, I’m forever confused by the view of a game now, one of my many obsessions is diving, it happened again Saturday, two big dives, nothing given, and fans seem to just not bother, they don’t mind it, it seems. And yet if there’s one physical challenge, it’s like chaos. If worries me about the game, I can’t see how cheating is okay, but a good physical challenge is not. It was a strange game, there were so many fouls and I didn’t think half of them were. It’s probably the weakest football match I’ve ever seen, I’ve never seen as many fouls for things that weren’t. Weird, an odd anomaly game.”

People still like to see a challenge, and an aerial challenge. For all we talk about ‘the ball has to stay on the floor’, why are so many headers scored, so many headed clearances? There will always be aerial challenges, and fans love it.


Sean Dyche added “Basketball is the most contacted non-contact sport in the world, elbows everywhere, and yet they call it non-contact. We’ve got to be careful, and diving hasn’t helped, people daren’t touch each other, it could end up like this weird screening game, where you let them have the ball and wait for them to make a mistake and turn it over. That could be strange. It’s not there yet, but it’s edging that way, an interception game. But we’ll see. The powers that be have to keep an eye on it.”

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