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Jose Mourinho
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#mustread #PremierLeagueStories on Dec 23 2019 – #JoseMourinho gives his usual sarcastic response for #Tottenham loss

Jose Mourinho couldn’t help but take a sarcastic swipe at Chelsea’s Rudiger while discussing loss against them.

The former Manchester United and Chelsea manager and now Tottenham boss said  “For me it’s not a red card. I think if we go to every person in this room, some would say yes and some would say no. That’s not the essence of the VAR. The essence, the initial protocol of the VAR, I was involved in the beginning in UEFA meetings and this kind of thing, the VAR is for the penalty of the first half, a clear and obvious mistake, 65,000 persons in the stadium look to the screen and know it’s a penalty. For me that’s the VAR. When you have the situation with Son and Rudiger it’s not a clear and obvious mistake by the referee. The mistake from the referee in that action is not to give a yellow card to Rudiger, because of the way he fouls Son. That is the clear mistake. But the VAR didn’t say that. Then the VAR goes to the Son situation which for me is not. Then you can say yes and this young lady will say no and probably our friend here will say yes, but that’s not VAR. So for me, really, really bad and basically kills the game. It’s the slow motion, the angles, it’s everything. I was in the middle of being sad with the result I still had time and mood to have a little joke in the flash interview.”

Rudiger is for sure is having scans in the hospital on broken ribs because it was a really violent situation. In some countries, like mine, for example with our culture we used to say clever player but in this country, and one of the reasons I fell in love with this country in 2004 it because we don’t call them clever, we call them other things that I refuse to call.


This is not first time that Jose Mourinho has shared his famous sarcasm. While providing analysis on Liverpool’s semi-final second leg clash for beIN SPORTS, where he spoke about the Merseyside club’s historical home, Mourinho said ” Anfield is a magic place to play, they can even score goals that the players don’t score, like it happened in 2004/05 when Luis Garcia didn’t score the goal, the crowd scored the goal. ”

Mourinho’s Chelsea team were knocked out the Champions League in the semi-final stage by Liverpool back in 2005. Garcia scored the only goal of the game to book the Reds a spot in the final in Istanbul at the expense of Chelsea. Replays showed that his goal didn’t actually cross the line, something Mourinho brought attention to in his post-match interview.


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