As Premier League Fans wave goodbye to 2019 as well as “teen” decade between 2010 to 2019, we would like to add some of the storylines and moments that made this decade special. These are not the iconic moments as everyone across media is spraying or the best goals etc. These are the game changers that made premier league what it is currently –

For benefit of fans, 90’s and 00’s are best remembered for

  • Influx of money into premier league with large TV sponsorship deals


  • Awakening of Manchester United as a football giant in England.. 1st title after many decades


  • Dominance of Manchester United  as title challenges came and faded away – Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho, Kevin Keegan…


  • Emergence of Internet and many sources of English Premier League info, analysis, player information.  Limited sources of English Premier Info through magazines like “Player” or “Shoot” were only means at that time


  • Coming out from envy of superior quality, fan base and European success of  non English leagues- Dutch, Italy, Spain & Germany were no longer regarded as the best leagues


  • End of backpass rule and boring football tactics to waste time or apply unethical defensive passes


  • Entry of talented foreign players – Jeurgen Klinsman, Asprilla, Bergkamp, Zola etc.


  • Evolution of transfer market window from 8 months during the season to 2 months ( August & January) when season is in progress


  • Manager’s having power over players to decide whether club needs them over country , exerting power over agents during transfers

So what will 2010’s be best remembered for ( Stories can be elaborated to many many more …. )

  • End of Manchester United’s domination and retirement of an era of legends ( Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger finally retired and paved way for other clubs to pounce – Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and even Leicester have won, Arsenal and Manchester United have been finished since in europa positions mostly… )


  • Transfer window’s are still chaotic and dramatic ( Before the season starts , 1 month until the season starts.. fax problems, last minute transfer request hand in’s , missing players demanding transfer’s … )


  • Introduction of technology ( Goal Line, VAR, armbands to track player statistics, vitals, food habits, training habits …)


  • More money available to every premier league club via Television, Streaming,  Digital content, fan tv , podcasts …


  • More entertaining football with every club preferring to have a coach not just keep them in premier league but also play entertaining football ( We will miss Big Sam , Tony Pulis .. )


  • Player and agent power pulling their head over manager’s . Manager’s are head coaches, consultants to director’s of football.. don’t know ??


  • Financial fair play is introduced to ensure clubs are financially safe and reduce the pressure on transfer fees, salaries and inflation


  • 24X7 updates about premier league players, managers, backroom talks, tunnel talks, dressing room insights


  • Racism continues to haunt the game off /on the pitch ( at least the players are punished but how to change society and fans .. )

And that premier league fans will be our next decade as well… Evolution of iconic changes highlighted above in 2010’s to 2020’s with more fun, confusion and stories that will enter into PREMIER LEAGUE MUSEUM


By Premier League Museum Admin

English Premier League fan since 1992. Travel enthusiast, sports buff and blog writer with deep interest in watching sports - English premier league, American Football, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket.. you name it.. Firm believer in giving back to the community which gives you happiness and identity. My inspiration - “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

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