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#PLStories- Jordan Pickford answers familiar Everton formation question and lifts lid on England training at World Cup #EVERTONFC #WorldCup2022

Jordan Pickford

Everton’s Jordan Pickford has lifted the lid on what it’s like to come up against England’s galaxy of attacking talent in training while discussing the differences of playing behind a flat back four or three centre-halves. England hit Iran for six in their opening fixture of the World Cup and Pickford admits that having to face his team-mates’ shots on a regular basis keeps him on his toes.

Jordan Pickford said: “They’re unbelievable, each and every one of them really. If we’re doing shooting drills, attacking drills, they’re ruthless in front of goal. As goalkeepers, sometimes you can’t save them but you’re up against the best so when you are saving them you’re feeling good about yourself, you’re getting a buzz from saving it. They’re the top strikers in the world, Harry Kane, Rashy, the wingers, they’re all unbelievable in front of goal so it’s good to train with them and it gets the best out of you really.”

Gareth Southgate reverted to a flat back four for his side’s 6-2 win for Iran and with Pickford’s club manager Frank Lampard having also used both systems at Everton, he was asked about the differences between the systems but he remains unfazed.

Jordan Pickford said: “As a goalkeeper it’s just different defensive slots who are in front of you. With a five, you’ve probably got a little bit more protection from the crossing positions more than a four but as a goalkeeper is doesn’t really differ for me, you still defend the box and make saves when you’re called upon.”

Past winners Argentina and Germany, among the tournament favourites to lift the trophy again in Qatar, have both suffered shock defeats already, 2-1 to Saudi Arabia and Japan respectively and Pickford acknowledged that discussing winning the competition was not a taboo subject.

Jordan Pickford said: “I think the situation is that we’re here now and the challenge is to go and win the World Cup but there are a lot of challenges to get there, a lot of ups and downs really in each football match to get there. Our main aim to win the World Cup I think, that’s why everyone is here, to win the World Cup. It would be great for us and yes we do have little conversations about it because it’s what we want, it’s our end goal but we’ve got to get to the end goal first.”


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