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#PLStories- Nuno Espirito Santo on late substitutions and lack of creativity #THFC

Nuno Espirito Santo

Where did that go wrong?

The way we conceded but apart from I think that we had a good game, we had possession we had control of the game, we created, besides the counter attacks of West Ham we didn’t allow many situations. We should be better in the offensive box, the chance to be aggressive in that moment of the game. This is my thought.

Four London derby defeats, just one goal, is that a concern?

It is always frustrating, a London derby that we know means a lot to our fans, means a lot to us and we were not able to win it. I am disappointed because it hurts, I know it hurts.

Why did you feel there was a difficulty creating clear-cut opportunities in the second half?

Because West Ham defend in the box with a lot of men. There was not much space and we should’ve moved the ball faster and go to wide areas. But is always difficult when the team and all men are behind the ball, it is difficult to find spaces and gaps.

Do you regret not making any substitutions earlier?

No, the game like I said was under control. Changes are required when we think we should. The boys were playing good and then we made the changes in the moment that we felt that the team needed.

Disappointed team didn’t look as fresh in final 30 minutes as you rested players on Thursday?

I don’t agree. I think all the players worked very hard and fitness-wise were available to deal with the game.

Any positives to take from the game?

Not too many but when you lose a game like today that I believe we were better team, the only positive is feeling that there are aspects to improve that will guide us to winning more matches.

Midfield lacking creativity?

No. No, no, no.

Supplying balls into Kane and Son was an issue, do you agree?

I think the team needs to be balanced, to be balanced in terms of the presence of the players. Besides being good players they give us the balance the team needs. And we have enough creativity with our full-backs, our attackers. I don’t agree with you, I don’t agree with you.

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