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#PLStories – #CarloAncelotti believes Everton needs to start getting points to be near Europe #EvertonFC

Carlo Ancelotti Everton

Carlo Ancelotti has laid out how many more points he believes Everton will need if they want to qualify for Europe at the end of the season.

Carlo Ancelotti  said “Last year I think that after the lockdown we did well against Liverpool, we beat Norwich, then we had an important game against Tottenham. When we lost against Tottenham last season, we lost the motivation to be in Europe. I think that the next ten games, this doesn’t happen, because I’m sure we’re going to fight until the last minute of the last game. The motivation is really high, really strong from our side. I think we have to get a lot of points, at least 18 or 19 [more] points you need to have to be in Europe. We have to fight. If we need these kind of points, the other teams do as well. It will be a really exciting challenge for us, a really exciting race. A lot of teams are involved and every game will be exciting. We talk every day about this, all the season. The target, as I said, was really clear on the first day – it’s clear now. We have to work hard, to sacrifice, to do everything to be in Europe. It could be a good step forward. It could be a stamp on our season that, until now, is good. But it can be fantastic if we were able to reach a place to play in Europe next season. We are working in the transfer market. We are going to work to improve the squad, this is for sure. To play in Europe, we are going to improve the squad. If we’re not in Europe, we’re going to improve the squad the same. It doesn’t change our idea.”

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