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#PLStories- #DeanHenderson talks about #PaulPogba and Manchester United dressing room #MUFC

Dean Henderson

Dean Henderson has defended Paul Pogba and says the Manchester United midfielder’s critics are wrong about him.

Dean Henderson said: “It’s not true what a lot of people say about him, he’s a real, real top fella. I’ve got a lot of time for Paul and he’s always willing to help me and stuff like that. So shout out to him as well.”

Henderson also explained how Pogba has helped him on the training ground, revealing that the duo would practice penalties on a daily basis in order to help the young goalkeeper become better at reading penalty taker cues.

Dean Henderson said: “A couple of months ago I used to stay with Paul every day and we’d do penalties, penalties, penalties. He did the slow run-up and it was doing my head in because I couldn’t get it, but I started to slowly read it. Then I was picking that cue up, picking this cue up, and when I face penalties now, hopefully it’s set me in good stead.”

Despite this, Henderson does not believe Pogba is the funniest character in the United dressing room, instead giving that honour to Eric Bailly.

Dean Henderson said: “Eric’s funny, he’s very funny. Honest to god, the guy has me in stitches all the time but just innocently as well, he’s just brilliant.”

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