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#PLStories- #ChrisWilder comments on his future and Southampton game ahead #SUFC

Chris Wilder

With all the injuries that you have, how big an achievement would back-to-back wins be this weekend?

“We were looking for a big week. It was a decent performance against Liverpool considering it was Liverpool and the team they played against us, but it was a great reaction on Wednesday night. We are looking to end the week on a high, but we need another really big performance considering the injuries and suspensions that we are struggling with at the moment.”

How do you deal with the defensive problem, could you change system?

“Yes, we will consider. We have played this formation for quite a while but we have got it in the bag, me and Al, to coach other systems. Ideally we wouldn’t want to because of continuing and relative success that we have had, but if we have to we have to. I thought when we went down to 10 men and played in a back four, the two young centre halves did extremely well under constant pressure. Modern day players have to be able to change formations and pick up other ways of playing. They have played them at previous clubs and international level, so we have to be flexible with it and if we have to I am sure we will be OK.”

More VAR controversy, Scott Parker said last night it’s killing the emotion, do you agree with that comment?

“Yeah I do. Against us Fulham were the better side but to have that decision right near the end, we thought was a clear and obvious decision that went against us. I agree with Scott. A lot of emotion has gone out of the game full stop with the crowds not being allowed in – that has affected teams like us who need that. When McGoldrick scored I have turned straight away to the monitor we have in the dugout and usually, people have seen my antics, I am normally 30 yards down the touchline but straight away I am thinking he’s offside – the elation of scoring has been taken away.”

Did you think about appealing Jagielka’s red card?

“Yeah we did, when we looked at it through the night and through the morning. We took advice on it and yet again there was a difference of opinion on it. We were told that on a technicality that the three things they are looking for and consider. The overturning of the decision really has to be an unbelievably clear and obvious mistake, so it’s pointless from our point of view having taken advice and spoken to a couple of people and we have to accept that decision.”

Team news, where are Basham and Bogle right now?

“Both players will be missing for tomorrow. That’s a situation we will have to deal with and get through.”

Any positives regarding players you might get back?

“Hopefully, those two boys will be in contention for the next game at Leicester and Chelsea in the cup. It’s been a difficult period for us and one we have to adapt and adjust.”

Your future, you said you will only be here if the board stuck to the plan, when will there be a formal ratification of all of that rather than leaving fans wondering?

“I spoke about it. I should imagine that the powers-that-be understand what was said. That’s as much as I am going to say about it today. I have said what I have said about it. I have always been honest and open regarding my feelings and thought process on the football club. I have nothing to add and that’s basically where it is at from my point of view.”

How do you assess Southampton right now?

“It shows you how difficult the division is. They finished with real momentum and started the season on the front foot and went top I think for a small period. They have obvious quality but when you lose key players and momentum this is what can happen. Talented manager and a good group of players I have an interest because of a connection with my early career. I know a bit about the club and always keep an eye on them. Had a couple of results in the last couple of seasons. Fans won’t be chuffed about. Only three points lost in both games (9-0), but had a great two thirds of the season after a disappointing start. We have watched their games. A lot have been tight, some good young players and if you look through that squad a lot of Premier League experience, so when the manager is talking about adding to that it shows you what he feels they need to do for next season.”

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    West Ham United striker Michail Antonio admits he was disap – AQW – by – AQW
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