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#PLStories- #DavidMoyes has compared #PepGuardiola to the chef #HestonBlumenthal #WHUFC #MCFC

David Moyes

The Premier League’s two form sides go head to head on Saturday afternoon when Manchester City, unbeaten in 12 league games, take on West Ham, one league defeat in 12. Moyes was full of praise for his opposite number in the build-up to the game saying that what Guardiola has done in football has been “remarkable”.

David Moyes said: “He is nearly the Heston Blumenthal of football. He does things where you think ‘that is never going to work’. ‘That is not going to taste right or look good.

The West Ham boss was referring to the way City use Joao Cancelo in a central position going forward and as a full-back in defence, something Guardiola did in Germany at Bayern Munich with Phillip Lahm.

David Moyes said: “He is always looking for new ideas. He is innovative. I get this feeling he is in a think-tank room, thinking about how he can make his players perform better, or where they can receive the ball in space and make it so difficult for the opposition. That is how I look at Pep. I look at him in such high esteem. He has worked at clubs that have given him the chance to do that. But at the top clubs, the only way you keep your job is to win and he is doing a good job.”

When asked to compare himself to a chef David Moyes replied instantaneously: “Gordon Ramsay, all day long! And you know what you’re getting there, don’t you?!”

Having heard Moyes on the sidelines in empty stadiums he is certainly as loud as Ramsay but as yet as not resorted to the sort of language his fellow Scot is famous for. And why would he, his side have been flying and with things working as well as they are now Moyes is pleased but always striving for more.

David Moyes said: “I’m striving for better. I’m always thinking our performances could be better. Better retaining of the ball, better on the counter. We’ve not always made the final pass. We’ve been trying to find different ways to get a result. It looks like it’s going to be a continued struggle between now and the end of the season. Man City are the best team. I’m not saying West Ham are. But what we’ve shown is a bit of resilience, a bit of toughness. We hung in there over the Christmas period. Let’s hope we can keep doing that.”

Finding a solution to the problems Guardiola throws at you is something Moyes has been working at all week.

David Moyes added: “Manchester City take up a lot of your thought time – and that is every manager in the country. I have watched the teams they have played recently. Monchengladbach have a very good manager in Marcus Rose, who is going to Dortmund, I watched Arsenal and Mikel Arteta play against them last week and how they tried to do it.

Moyes then returned to his chef analogy.

David Moyes continued: “Snail porridge! That’s what I’m talking about. It’s ridiculous. Full-backs going into midfield…. He’s done things as a football coach which lots of people wouldn’t have thought of doing.”

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