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#PremierLeagueStories – #RalphHasenhuttl admits learning from other teams’ but says “Copy Paste” is not possible in football #Saints

Ralph Hasenhuttl
Saints boss Ralph Hasenhuttl admits he looks to take inspiration from other successful teams and managers in order to improve Saints, but insisted: “You need your own ideas.” Saints are flying high under the Austrian this season, moving up to fifth in the table with their 2-1 victory at Brighton & Hove Albion on Monday evening. It means Saints have now lost just once in their past nine matches – a late 3-2 reverse against Manchester United last month. Asked if he looks elsewhere for ideas to create new styles of play at Saints or if it comes from his own mind, Hasenhuttl said: “It’s both. What you need and what you have I think is important.

Ralph Hasenhuttl said “You see what works at other clubs, yes definitely, but it’s not so easy to copy and paste it. It’s not possible I think. You need your own ideas. You need to see what you really need, which is different for every game, how you get attacked and what are the spaces you want to use. But some channelled behaviours, I think yes, definitely you look at other teams what can work and what works against such a team and maybe you think about copying. But that means you have to look very carefully at everything. Most of the time, as a manager we look at football. Watching football everywhere. At the moment it’s easy because nearly every evening is a fantastic game where you can take something out of it if you want to. This is helping us. I think the players are hungry to get new information, are hungry to learn new things and I feel when we make meetings here that especially when we speak about our possession game, it is more interesting than the work against the ball sometimes, because we are very clear about what we have to do there. The possession stuff is something a little bit newer and you can really see that they enjoy doing what we are doing at the moment and it is also an interesting journey for us. You can never be sure if you are always sending the right messages. After the game you will see, ‘ok this was a good one, this was maybe not the best one’. Then learn from it and change it slightly and hope that next time it’s even better.”

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