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#PremierLeagueStories – #ChrisWilder responds to #JurgenKlopp’s “selfish” remarks after West Brom game #SHUFC

Chris Wilder

Chris Wilder has defended himself after Jurgen Klopp’s dig in a heated post-match interview following Liverpool’s draw with Brighton. Sheffield United boss Wilder labelled Klopp ‘a world-class politician’ in midweek over his desire to see five subs reintroduced to the Premier League. It prompted Klopp to comment that the Blades have ‘three subs and one point’ in a heated exchange with BT Sport after his side’s 1-1 draw with Brighton, which saw the Seagulls equalise late on with a controversial penalty. Speaking post-match, Wilder refused to be drawn into aiming another barb Klopp’s way, but he did defend himself for looking out for Sheffield United’s best interests.

Chris Wilder said “I’m not going to talk about it right at this particular moment. I can imagine you can understand my view on that so maybe that’s for another time, Today is talking about today’s result and as Jurgen said – a good observation – we’re still on that one point, as he pointed out. Everybody has that right to do that (defend their own club’s view). There is 20 votes in this league and everybody looks after himself right the way through. Nobody is looking after Sheffield United the right way now, so we have to look after ourselves. I am not really going into the nuts and bolts of what was said. I have got a huge amount of respect for Liverpool Football Club, as I always have done. I also have a huge amount of respect for Jurgen. Whether it is looking after the football club, whether it is selfish or another word. By the way, there are a few more managers in there as well that have looked after their own club. I will always look after Sheffield United.”

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