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#PremierLeagueStories – #JoseMourinho comes out in defense of #HarryKane after diving accusations #THFC

Harry Kane Tottenham

Jose Mourinho has leapt to the defence of star man harry Kane in the face of diving accusations. Tottenham beat Brighton & Hove Albion 2-1 on Sunday night, thanks to goals from Kane and Gareth Bale’s first since returning to the club. Kane opened the scoring from the penalty spot, after referee Graham Scott initially gave a free-kick for Adam Lallana’s aerial challenge on his former England team-mate. But, after VAR intervened, a penalty was awarded with the contact deemed to be on the line. The way in which the penalty was won was the subject of much debate, with Kane looking round to see where Lallana was before waiting for the ball to drop, with the former Liverpool man coming through the back of the England captain in the air and failing to win the ball. That was not what Mourinho wanted to here, as he launched a staunch defence of his striker.

Jose Mourinho said “Harry Kane was in a position to control the ball and Lallana came in a reckless fashion. Why are you saying it is clever? Clever is taking the ball and scoring a goal. It’s a foul. I thought it was a direct free-kick but VAR said it was inside the box because it was on the line. What are we talking about being clever? Harry Kane just wants to score goals. Lallana was reckless. Why are you speaking about us? Speak about Liverpool, Manchester United, City and others with ‘clever’ players and getting penalties. Don’t speak about Harry Kane. He didn’t win any penalty, he did’nt. Lallana made a penalty. He didn’t win anything. For me, it’s clear. The only doubt in that situation is the doubt the VAR decided, which was it a penalty or was it a free-kick? Was it outside the box or on the line? If it’s on the line then it’s considered a penalty. I was probably 70 metres away and immediately I said ‘penalty or free-kick?’. I think the images are very obvious in relation to that. Then outside or inside, one inch inside or outside. That’s only for the VAR to decide. But Harry Kane won a penalty? Hmm, probably you’re speaking about players in other clubs who love to do it and they do it so, so well. But for sure you’re not talking about Harry Kane.”

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