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#PremierLeagueStories – #GrahamPotter comes out firing against Brighton’s critics over start of the season #BHAFC

Graham Potter Brighton

Graham Potter has lashed out at critics of his team’s start to the season and has demanded that the results of his side must be seen in its context. The Seagulls’ head coach is not happy with how general perception of his team’s performances and start to the season has seemingly shifted. And he let that known in his replies during the regular Thursday lunchtime media session.

Graham Potter said “There’s an assumption that every chance you get you’re going to score – and that’s not football, that’s not reality, so we can’t say we must put our chance away. It doesn’t work like that. The hardest thing in football is to score and there’s better players than our players that miss and there’s other teams that are far better than us that miss so we have to understand that. Like I said, the bigger thing for me to understand is that we’re in the Premier League, as I understand it, we’re Brighton. Unless I’ve missed something, we haven’t been at this level for too long in our history, we are fighting every day to be here, and we’re no better than anyone else, we’ve got no divine right to win a football game so we shouldn’t be putting ourselves under any pressure in terms of ‘We must score this chance, we must score this goal’ Now, sometimes the opponent does well and we have to keep going and that’s the mentality I would rather us have. I think most of our supporters understand the history of this club, understand where we’ve been at, where we’ve come from. There will be a few that just expect us to win because we’re Brighton. I’d like them to explain that to me but that’s the way of the world.”

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