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#PremierLeagueStories – #JoeHart Opens up about why he chose to become number two at Tottenham #THFC

Joe Hart

Joe Hart has opened up on why he joined Tottenham despite knowing he would not be the number one.

Hart joined Spurs in the summer after leaving Burnley at the end of his contract having made just 19 league appearances across two years. He did so well aware that he wouldn’t be wrestling the number one jersey from experienced France international and Spurs captain Hugo Lloris, but that didn’t stop Hart from putting pen-to-paper.

Joe Hart said “I crave football. I realised I just love being at the top. I love being around a club where you play three games a week and if you don’t win it is a big deal, I am not stupid. That opportunity was not going to come in a given number one slot. After working out what Jose wanted from his squad and what he thought I could bring to it, it matched what I thought. I haven’t come to shake it up. I have come to make Tottenham better. Jose is very clever at how he works the media, He is a different guy in his own environment, with his own players. He asks you to give your best and show your quality. That is how I work. I don’t claim to be the most talented guy in the world but I will give it everything. We are moving in the right direction. Jose inherited a good team and he has made some shrewd additions. There is a big difference between saying you want to win something and showing and believing and doing the right things to put yourself in the best position to win. Where you want to be is when all the finals are over and the Premier League is finished, everyone can look at each other and say we left nothing out there and threw everything at it.”

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