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#PremierLeagueStories – Liverpool legend #JamieCarragher defends #JordanPickford amidst injury controversy #LFC #EFC

Jamie Carragher

Whilst most Liverpool players, ex-players and fans have been blaming Jordan Pickford for deliberately injuring Virgin Van Dijk, support for the Toffees’ goal keeper has come from an unexpected source. Former Liverpool player and now pundit Jamie Carragher says that he doesn’t believe that the Everton keeper deliberately hurt the Liverpool defender and people should put emotions aside when speaking out.

Jamie Carragher said “I cannot agree with the suggestion Jordan Pickford deliberately set out to hurt his rival. I know how both feel. For Van Dijk, the torment is physical. For Pickford, it is psychological. As a player and now a pundit, you try to assess from a fellow professional’s perspective and – as much as possible – to avoid being accused of double standards. That is why I looked beyond the raw feelings following Pickford’s tackle and saw it for what it was – reckless, not malicious. Pickford did what I did against Nani. His initial movement was towards the ball, unaware of the man. When he realised he was too late and out of position, he panicked, lost control and dived in. These were the actions of a player whose head is all over the place. It has been for a while. Currently, every time Pickford makes a critical decision on the pitch, more often than not it turns out to be the wrong one. That one had serious repercussions for the Liverpool defender. These are the horrendous situations we must occasionally deal with in the game. Bad injuries are an occupational hazard. As professionals, there are demands upon us from coaching staff and fans to never shirk a tackle – especially in a derby. I can assure you, when we do so our main concern is being aggressive to look after ourselves and help our team, not cause injury. Equally, the pained reaction of Liverpool is not unique and I see hypocrisy in those who accuse my former club of going too far in their immediate response to it. As for the idiots on social media targeting Pickford or Richarlison, they are no more representative of Liverpool’s fanbase as those Evertonians who abused Wales’ Neil Taylor when he broke Seamus Coleman’s leg during an international in 2017, or Heung-Min Son after Andre Gomes suffered a year ago. Tellingly, the classiest responses after those incidents came from Coleman and Gomes.”

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