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#PLStories – #AndyCole tries to provide reasons for lack of transfer activity at Manchester United #MUFC

Andy Cole Newcastle United

Andy Cole believes Manchester United’s struggles in the transfer window are understandable because of the financial impact of Covid-19. And former United striker Cole believes the lack of supporters at stadiums is hitting football hard. He cited Spain’s two biggest sides as examples of other clubs who aren’t active in the market, despite many Premier League teams spending big this summer.

Andy Cole  said “Do I share the frustration? No I don’t, due to the fact that in the economic climate we find ourselves in, I know how difficult it is regarding financing major transfers. When you see a club like Real Madrid doing nothing, then you know financially there’s a problem, because they’re the kind of club who go out and spend a fortune and never bat an eyelid. Real Madrid have done no business, you hear about Barcelona terminating contracts and things like that, and they’ve done no business. So I know it’s tough out there. I know people are disappointed that Man United have not brought more players in. But I know if the right player comes about and they can do the deal, they’ll do the deal. Globally, we’ve got to be brutally honest, it’s very very tough to make big signings, especially when there’s no punters turning up either. It’s a little bit tougher, because where does the money start to come from? If Spurs had to buy Bale back for £60million or £70million, do you think that deal would have gone ahead on big wages? I’m a realist. I’m not trying to upset anyone and I know Man United punters get upset that there’s not enough activity and not enough money has been spent, or whatever. I’m a realist and if Man United were getting 80,0000 people every other week and they weren’t spending big money, I’d say ‘I’m not quite sure why’. But that’s not happening and that’s why the clubs are calling for punters to come back.”

United have only been able to sign one player so far this summer, Donny van de Beek from Ajax, and supporters have become frustrated particularly as a result of the Jadon Sancho saga. United have been unwilling to meet Dortmund’s demands over Sancho, with much of the anger directed at Ed Woodward and the Glazers.

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