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#PremierLeagueStories – Former Brighton Skipper #DeanHammond talks about a new phase in life #BHAFC

Dean Hammond Brighton

Dean Hammond would love to find himself in demand over the coming weeks. The former Brighton and Hove Albion skipper is helping footballers at all levels work on fitness and technique on a one-to-one basis in readiness for next season. Or the end of this campaign. He might also have another crack at a playing comeback with Worthing after signing just a few days before the 2019-20 campaign was shut down.

Dean Hammond said “I’ve always loved my fitness. I’ve always stayed in shape, it’s something I’ve got a passion for. I’ve started my fitness business where I’m doing different things with people. The passion I really want to pursue and I’ve just got involved with is football fitness. It’s individual coaching, passing on some knowledge and experience and combining that with the fitness side of the game plus some individual skills, individual development. I’m really enjoying that and I feel like I’ve got a lot to offer. I’d love to pass on some knowledge to younger players or older players coming towards the end of their careers and who are maybe looking to prolong their career. I know what it’s like. Older players can get forgotten when their careers are over.”

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