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#PremierLeagueStories – #AlexMcCarthy reveals secrets about his Southampton #SaintsFC team mates

Alex McCarthy Southampton

Southampton’s Alex McCarthy has been describing his Southampton teammates in one word during a recent interview and has lifted the lid on many unknown sides of the Saints superstars. He was asked to choose one player from the descriptions given.

First one to come to the training ground

Alex McCarthy said “I was thinking I may have to give that to myself, as I love to beat the traffic first thing in the morning! It’s a close one between Gunny (Angus Gunn) and I (only because I stop to get a coffee on my way), so I’ll reluctantly give it to him.”

Last one to come to the training ground

Alex McCarthy said “There’s a couple who are up for this – but I’m going to hand this one to Ryan Bertrand. In his defence, he has the furthest to travel each day. Also, I can’t recall many occasions where Bertie has missed the 9.30am deadline – he finds a way of making it in just before then, so nobody can call him out on it!”

Future Politician

Alex McCarthy said “That definitely has to be Stuart Armstrong. A few of you may already know that Stu has done some law modules so he’s our source of information within the dressing room! Also, Stu heads up the team fining system alongside Prowsey, so I don’t think he wouldn’t have an issue in terms of standing up for what he believes!”


Alex McCarthy said “I’m going to give this to Shane Long. Longy is a very good guitarist and not a bad singer either. You may have seen some videos floating around online of him performing. Danny Ings is slowly creeping up behind him in the guitar department, mind you. Ingsy is currently learning to play the guitar, so watch this space!”

Best Darts Player

Alex McCarthy said “I had to think long and hard about this one, but I think I’m going to give it to Jack Stephens, which he’ll be delighted about! We have a dartboard in the changing room at the training ground and have regular games after lunch which can get rather competitive! Jack and I have been having games via FaceTime at home, to make sure we’re ready when we return – so there’s big things expected once we’re all back together!”

Most Competitive

Alex McCarthy said “This one is going to go to Bertie again. If he makes a mistake, even if it’s the smallest of things, he will be kicking himself. Even when we play darts, you can see in his face that he’s desperate to win – like most people, he hates losing!”

Animal Lover

Alex McCarthy said “It has to be Danny Ings. He absolutely adores his two dogs, they’re like his two children! I reckon if he was allowed, he would bring them into the training ground each day! We do have a few dog lovers within the team – Angus Gunn and Jan Bednarek both have French Bulldogs which we hear a lot about on a daily basis.”


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