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#premierleaguestories – West Ham #WHUFC boss #DavidMoyes shares his view on current season outcome

David Moyes

West Ham manager David Moyes believes football needs a complete reset once it eventually returns from its coronavirus enforced hiatus. Money has become such an important issue in football, you have to spend to succeed more often than not, and Moyes believes that has to change when the game is back in our lives.

David Moyes said “Maybe we were indulging too much. The people who run football clubs have got to look and say: ‘If anything like this happened again in the future, would we be able to survive and get through it?’ I’m hoping it might help football reset itself when we start up again. We have to make sure that all football clubs are saved. There is no way any club can go under. The clubs at the top are much more privileged. We have lots of money coming in from different providers. And from that point of view, we have to make sure we do the right things. We have to make sure that the players are protected as well.”

West Ham were named as the 17th richest club in world football by Forbes but their cash reserves hold nothing on the potential at Newcastle and the top six clubs in the Premier League.Elite level football has been suspended in England for the past five weeks and there is no return yet in sight for when the seasons could get back underway. UEFA have said they want seasons to finish rather than be voided but, as of yet, the Premier League is suspended indefinitely.


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