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#premierleaguestories – #MikelArteta identifies #DavidLuiz as Arsenal #arsenalfc player who he expects to become a coach

David Luiz

Mikel Arteta has revealed he believes that David Luiz has all the attributes to make a brilliant coach in the future. The Brazilian has previously spoken about his aspirations to turn to the dugout once he hangs up his boots.

Mikel Arteta  said “I think we can get a few (from the current squad), just joking a little bit, but through the process, they are really willing to try and understand the game better and how they can coach as well,” Arteta said. It is not just myself, but how can they coach each other on the pitch? A lot of them are showing a lot of interest, even if they are 18, 19, 20 years old. Obviously, he mentioned to me, David Luiz he wants to be a coach in the future. He has started doing his coaching badges already and I can see he has the attributes, the knowledge and experience to be a coach one day.”

Whilst the 32-year-old has no immediate plans to finish his playing career, he has already begun his coaching badges.

David Luiz  said. “When I finish football as a player, I want to be a coach. To be a coach, one day, you have to prepare yourself,” he added. “[But] at the moment, I feel very good, especially with my physical condition when a few years ago it was not the best. I still love football and want to play as much as a I can, especially at a high level. After that, if I am not at a high level, or I don’t love to play, or I cannot anymore, then I will decide on other things.”

Arsenal boss Arteta believes, of those in his current squad, Luiz is the standout candidate to become a coach and has spoken to the defender about a future career on the training pitch.

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