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Premier League Chief may have scored an own goal with his conduct & other EPL Stories on Nov 28 2019

David Pemsel

Premier League Headlines


  • Premier League Chief may have scored an own goal with his conduct

  • Chris Wilder thinks Sheffield will drop positions in the table

  • Amazon TV Coverage – What premier league fans can expect?


Premier League Headlines ( In Details )


Premier League Chief may have scored an own goal with his conduct


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A controversial news broke out in UK newspapers about incoming premier league chief – David Pemsel. Pemsel was appointed chief executive of the Premier League in October this year after plenty of search and  reluctance by previous choices to take up the role.

A woman in her 20s has disclosed that married dad David Pemsel, 51, bombarded her with dozens of “inappropriate” messages which can be considered as a workplace sexual harassment case . Pemsel knew the woman from his role as chief executive of guardian newspaper. He is said to have pestered her with messages after she asked for career advice. Married dad Pemsel took her out to dinner and repeatedly commented on her looks and sent many WhatsApp messages which need not be explicitly mentioned here.

In upcoming days or weeks the news may have significant impact on Pemsel’s eligibility to take up his role. As a ethic role model for the most popular football league in the world, Pemsel should know that he can’t act the way he has been doing with this woman and it hurts not just him personally but also the brand that is associated with ethical, honest and professional conduct.


Chris Wilder thinks Sheffield will drop positions in the table

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Before the congested festive period fixtures start, Chris Wilder has come out with statement that his players are incapable of playing more than one match a week.

Chris Wilder said “If the schedule does force them to play twice or heaven forbid even three times, we are told these highly trained athletes might disintegrate into a thousand pieces. The days when you could go out, have a few pints, then come back in a get down to work are long gone. It’s just not like that anymore. You couldn’t get away with it and that’s why there aren’t many out there doing that now. The standards these lads have to set, right across the board, have gone through the roof. They have to be bang on it, physically and mentally, right the way across the board.Listen, you had to work hard in my day and we did. But, seriously, it’s gone through the roof now, in terms of the shape players have to be in in order to be in a position to compete and make an impact.”

Festive period fixates invite scrutiny from everyone involved in English Premier League. Premier league manager’s like Louis van Gaal calls it evil,  players consider it as a disadvantage in the Champions League. Some blame it for England’s frequent shortcomings on the international stage. Others blame it for injuries. Most fans simply love it, that demolition derby of games on Boxing Day and then a couple of days later before a fixture to see in the new year. It is tradition to some, a major concern in need of legislative change to others.


Amazon TV Coverage – What premier league fans can expect?

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PREMIER LEAGUE football is going to be played over internet in UK for the first time through Amazon Prime. The online giant signed a deal with the Premier League to show 20 matches a season in the UK for the next three years.

Amazon’s motivation for securing rights is not difficult to guess.  The company’s founder, Jeff Bezos wants to build up the value provided to customers for subscribing and paying more for its prime services. Prime services had started as a premium subscription program for frequently shopping customers. Members received benefits which included FREE fast shipping for eligible purchases. Bezos expanded the benefits received through prime services to digital content by including streaming of movies, TV shows and music, unlimited reading and more.  The matches, particularly on Boxing Day, will drive Amazon Prime subscriber numbers. Amazon believes people will sign up for a free 30-day trial to watch the 26 December games and that will bring a huge surge of new customers around the busiest time of year. Given the December timing, Amazon predicts a big push for Prime subscriptions around the busy shopping season in the UK.

For everything predicted, Amazon’s foray into premier league football may still be a gamble for Amazon, especially given the cost of the rights.The rivalry between Sky and BT in recent years has resulted in price inflation and the total cost of the rights has rocketed from £1.78 billion in 2013 to £5.13 billion for 2018-19. Amazon view it as a relatively risk-free way to examine the potential of sports broadcasting – three seasons, two rounds of games, what works and what doesn’t work. It can then decide if it is worth mounting a challenge next time round.

From premier league and its club’s perspective, they had wanted to tempt online buyers in hope that it would drive prices up by sparking a bidding war in the same way it had with Sky and BT in the previous deal. Although that has not materialized but the league knows if streaming is successful, it can spread globally where bigger money can be coming. Premier League have recently signed a mega deal in China and the broader Asian continent and the United States are thriving markets.

From customer perspective, being a premier league fan may mean shelling out more money and also scrambling to figure out which match to watch where.. They will need to subscribe to Amazon Prime, alongside BT Sport and Sky Sports to get access to every Premier League match that’s available on TV next year. There are also other technical issues that Amazon has to ensure are sorted for its Uk customers. Amazon had suffered difficulties with its tennis coverage and, although that has improved, their were still concerns that what will be one of the biggest streaming events in the world cause issues with picture quality.



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