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What Premier League Referee’s referee decided on VAR and other EPL stories must read on Nov 24 2019



Premier League Fixtures

Arsenal 2 - 2 Southampton
AFC Bournemouth 1 - 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers
Brighton and Hove Albion 0 - 2 Leicester City
Crystal Palace 1 - 2 Liverpool
Everton 0 - 2 Norwich City
Manchester City 2 - 1 Chelsea
Watford 0 - 3 Burnley
West Ham United 2 - 3 Tottenham Hotspur


Premier League Headlines

  • What Premier League Referee’s Referee decided on VAR ?

  • Premier League manager’s awaiting sack news !!

  • Joao Moutinho extends Wolves contracts as Wolves continue hunt !!


Premier League Headlines ( In Details )


What Premier League Referee’s Referee decided on VAR ?

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If VAR was a club within English Premier League, its rocky start to life in the Premier League would have made it an immediate candidate for relegation and its head coach or manager a candidate for sack. Determined not to rush into the use of video technology, two years were spent holding trials in a test environment, while also using the FA Cup and Carabao Cup as guinea pigs. But rather than introducing a fully honed product, it is perceived as an ill-judged hybrid, with VARs unsure about when they should intervene and this has disillusioned the fans especially watching in stadium with the game.

A meeting was conducted this week between the head of English Premier League referees and club executives over the imperfections of using video assistant referees. Mike Riley, general manager of the PGMOL, the body responsible for match officials ( referees) came out with statements which continue to confuse  premier league fans whether they should enjoy the game-pausing, controversy-inducing, fan-aggravating replay system or beautiful fast physical game or its passionate and sometimes over celebrating players and managers they have come to love.

Mike Riley said “We’re far from perfect, we’ve got improve the way that we do things.The worst outcome is when the refereeing team on the field of play made the right decision, the VAR intervenes to make the wrong decisions.There will be times we don’t intervene when everyone thinks we should.There are significant things we can do to improve, we can get better consistency of decision making as VARs. We can improve the timing so we have that minimum interference and if we achieve those, which we will over time, then what we will end up with is better quality decision making, better than 91% and actually in a way that minimizes disruption to the game. The number of correct game-changing decisions has risen from 82% last season to the 91% so far since VAR was introduced. Let’s not look back at what might have happened so far, let’s take all those learnings and go, `How do we improve the system going forward?’ because we’ve all got a stake in making sure that happens.”


Premier League manager’s awaiting sack news !!

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Unai Emery, Marco Silva, Manuel Pellegrini – who will the next manager to be sacked in the Premier League this week. Although Unai Emery did not lose match today and Pellegrini’s side showed some signs of fightback at the dying moments of the game, none of their performances so far showed any signs of turning around the horrendous spell their players are going through right now.

Marco Silva said ” We started to be afraid and that was the problem,You can never, ever, ever be afraid to play football. We have to look what is best for us as a club and for myself and the players as well – but always the club has to be at the top. If you are really disappointed with the afternoon I can imagine they [fans] are as well and they have the reaction to the manager and the players. When you lose a match, the first person they look to is the manager. Football is like that. The message is I respect what is their feeling, for sure. It is not the first time they felt the way they felt this afternoon. We are trying to get consistency. We came from good results and we lost an opportunity today. The way we played this afternoon, we did not deserve to win. It was frustrating. We share the fans’ frustration.”

Unai Emery said ” I understand how fans feel about the team and about me. I will work hard to return and have a good performance where we use our quality to show that we can be better. Today they (the fans) helped us but we did not give them the comments to show our battle capacity. My job is to analyze and find solutions. We need to regain confidence. A good result will give us that confidence to achieve that performance. The best 20 minutes of the whole season came at the beginning of the second half, but they scored when we were better maybe. We draw at the last moment, but it is not enough.”

Manuel Pellegrini said ” There is frustration because we could not win again here in another home game and it was a derby match against Tottenham that we wanted to win for our fans, but we couldn’t. We are losing too many goals but as least we never gave up and we fought to the end to change the result, but it was not enough. Of course, supporters want results and they’ve always been behind us, this stadium has always been full and I said when I arrived here we wanted to help the team grow one step more and we started to work. Now, when things are bad and we are not winning then of course they must have that reaction because there are too many games at home that we have not won.Of course, difficult games are coming but I continue trusting in the players to return to winning form”.


Joao Moutinho extends Wolves contracts as Wolves continue hunt !!

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Joao Moutinho celebrated his new contract with Wolverhampton wonderers by scoring opening goal at the Vitality Stadium with a superb free-kick.

Joao Moutinho said “”It was a very easy decision because I feel very good here. It is a big club that wants to do something good and I want to do my best to help. We have done great last season and this season we are trying to do better. That is what we are going to do and I am going to try 100 percent to help the club improve. I feel very good. We won today, a very important win, and I signed a new contract. I’m very happy to help the team today and I hope to help the new for the new two, three years.”

Joao Moutinho signed a new contract with Wolves, pledging his services at the club until 2022.  He arrived from Monaco for £ 5 million after that promotion and his previous deal was due to end at the end of the current season. Moutinho, 32, played in every Premier League game since the promotion of Wolves in 2018. The Europa League and Euro 2016 winner has forged strong midfield bonds with the likes of Ruben Neves and Leander Dendoncker in old gold and is yet to miss a game in the Premier League and Europa League this term. Moutinho’s brilliant performances at the heart of Wolves’ midfield during his debut season at Molineux saw him voted the Fans’ Player of the Season in May.


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