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Fred shares reasons for his improvement & Other EPL News – Nov 15 2019

Fred Manchester United


Premier League Headlines


  • Player Profile: Harry Wilson and his Liverpool connection !!

  • EPL Rules: VAR continues to get feedback, what will change  ?

  • Player Profile: Fred and reasons for his improved form !!


Premier League Headlines ( In Details )


Player Profile: Harry Wilson and his Liverpool connection !!


Harry Wilson’s loan spell with Bournemouth has been boosted by the knowledge Jürgen Klopp is keeping track of his performances.

Harry Wilson said “Jurgen Klopp has played a key role in improving his form. I am always in touch with Liverpool, they have a loan guy there who I am in contact with every week, and I get the odd message off the manager. He says he has been watching and after I scored against Man City he congratulated me on the goal. He messaged and said ‘great free-kick!’. It gives you a boost to see that, and it is great he is keeping an eye on me. It is good to know when you go out on loan you are not forgotten about. I’m still in contact with a few of the lads and if I can get to a game I always will. To see Liverpool win the Premier League would be fantastic being a Liverpool fan.”


Premier League Museum Editor Notes: Jurgen Klopp only allowed Harry Wilson to join Bournemouth on loan this season because he thinks the midfielder has a future at Liverpool. A key part of the deal, unlike some other loanees Liverpool have around Europe, is that the Bournemouth have no option to buy Harry Wilson. That decision was made because Klopp believes the Wales international has a future at Anfield. Playing on loan could seem unnatural but there are some players who gain sharpness that gets them noticed in English Premier League. Some of the players who benefitted from loan included –  John Terry, Harry Kane, Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole, Rio Ferdinand and the list goes on and on.. 


EPL Rules: VAR continues to get feedback, what will change  ?


The Premier League has backed away from making any significant changes to the VAR system, including referees consulting pitch-side monitors. However, Premier League have decided to make some changes starting in December that will provide more information on VAR checks to fans in the stadium.

In a series of what were described as “fractious” and “feisty” exchanges during a 4½-hour meeting in The Churchill Hotel, Marylebone, Riley attempted to head off the revolt by pointing to the problems with VAR in other countries. Despite that, outcomes announced did not major changes — with clubs agreeing that doing so part-way through the season would damage the “integrity” of the Premiership. That means pitchside monitors will continue to be used “sparingly” and only when an incident has taken place behind the ref’s back.

However one area which will be tackled is VAR experience for ticket paying spectators watching in the stadium. For those in the stadium watching the games live, the information given regarding the VAR check is very minimal. It basically exists of a message saying the action is being checked, followed by a final decision, with no information in between. Starting next month, the screens will explain in more detail what is being checked. Importantly, the Premier League will continue to show the definitive clip or image for all overturned decisions in stadium. Big screens will display “potential handball” and “possible offside” so fans know why VAR is studying footage. Instead of displaying ‘Checking Penalty’ it would now say ‘Checking Penalty – Possible Handball.


Premier League Museum Editor Notes: Unlike adoption in other sports, technology adoption in football has not been as smooth. Around the major leagues in Europe, VAR has not been considered as near perfect and jury is still working non stop to see if VAR has been a hit or miss. However, english premier league has been the most impacted due to its most competitive nature compared to other leagues. While the days are early for considering VAR a complete failure, the more debate continues on VAR instead of players, clubs, matches and the football itself, the more damage it will be cause on the brand developed over the last 2 decades.



Player Profile: Fred and reasons for his improved form !!


The Brazilian Fred has finally managed to nail down a regular starting berth in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team and believes his form has improved for many reasons.

Fred has pointed many reasons for his success as well as slow start in English Premier League. Fred said “The Ukrainian league isn’t as strong as the Premier League. It’s faster and more physical here. You need to start games strongly and finish them strongly. It’s the full force for 90 minutes, but it takes time to adapt to English football when you come from Ukraine, even though I was playing against some of the best teams in the Champions League. But I believe I’m adapting. I have a good relationship with the manager and the coaches. The trust from the manager is important and I feel I have this. I’m learning day by day. I feel like I’m getting better. I have a big heart. I will play better. ”


Premier League Museum Editor Notes: Fred was bought in 2018-2019 season and was considered synonymous with issues that plagued his former boss Jose Mourinho. Jose Mourinho showed his displeasure with his employers’ summer transfer dealings in his first summer press conference and perception got built that he was pointing to Fred. As the rest of the side fell apart into acrimony and indifference, it was logical that Fred would add nothing in such circumstances. Adapting to the Premier League is difficult enough without having to cope with a full-blown crisis at the same time. We wish the player good luck and hope he can show his best performance soon.


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