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Premier League Daily – Oct 14 2019

English Premier League News

Hello premier league museum fans, in this blog we will provide you with major news headlines yesterday. Our news just like our portal – is 100% dedicated on English Premier League only. We love the league….


Premier League Headlines

Wilfried Zaha gives 10% of his wages to charity

Jurgen Klopp ‘hated’ how Man Utd was run by Woodward

Marcel Brands is the man making wrong Everton signings

Bruce was reportedly Newcastle's 11th choice

Jamaican Troy Deeney is clear on his club vs country choice

Wilfried Zaha gives 10% of his wages to charity

Zaha has been in the news a lot over the last few months for his will he, won’t he transfer saga. This week, though, the Ivory Coast winger hit the headlines in a far more positive light. The 26-year-old picked up the Best of Africa Award for his incredible gesture of giving 10 per cent of his monthly wages to charities in his home country.

Speaking about the award, he said: “I’ve given 10 per cent of my wages, from my first wage, back home to anyone that doesn’t have anything, anyone less fortunate, the others who are just by themselves. I help my sister’s orphanage, called Tamara’s Hope, so I take care of it basically. So all these kids that have nothing, it takes care of them and it brings me joy knowing that I do that, I help those people in life day-to-day.”

Footballers are renowned for the hefty amounts of money they earn, but it’s not all fast cars and expensive watches for some of the premier league players at the top of the game. In fact, footballers like Zaha, Mata, Ozil and Zaha whether publicly or privately – donate huge amounts of money and time to various charitable organizations. Something less recognized but this is what makes English Premier League unique along with many other reasons.

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Jurgen Klopp ‘hated’ how Man Utd was run by Woodward

JURGEN KLOPP rejected taking the Manchester United job in 2015 as he “hated” how Ed Woodward runs the club, according to Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler. Klopp, 52, would rather manage a side with a good balance between business and identity – ultimately picking Liverpool.

Fowler Revealed: “I did an interview with him a couple of years ago and he told me he turned down a couple of super-rich clubs after Borussia Dortmund. One of them was definitely Manchester United, the other probably Real Madrid – because he hated how they were focused solely on commercial influences.He said he liked Liverpool because they had a balance between the money needed to reach the top and the ­history and identity of the club and their fans.”

Soon the German joined Liverpool and led them to  club’s sixth Champions League crown earlier this summer – beating Tottenham 2-0 in Madrid. While its early to say whether reds are back on top of the famous perch but they certainly seem nearer than ever to regain it. Eccentricity was last well known with a French called Eric Cantona. Way back in 1997 , for similar commercial reasons he retired at early age from Manchester United. Klopp has again shown decisions are made with romance but not money that comes with English Premier League.

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Marcel Brands is the man making wrong Everton signings

Current Toffees manager Silva has overseen a dreadful start to the season, with just seven points from their opening eight games landing them in the relegation zone. However, under pressure found some support from unfamiliar source – Sam Allardyce who insists  director of football Marcel Brands must take some responsibility for the club’s demise.

Big Sam added ” Brands was appointed as the club’s director of football in May 2018, tasked with overseeing Everton’s recruitment policy. You’ve got to look at the new director of football. Is Marco Silva struggling because he hasn’t recruited all these players and it’s the new director of football. It’s a difficult position as a manager. He [Brands] has been brought in with a big reputation as director of football. But, at the end of the day, you spend all this money and if you don’t spend it the right way, it makes the manager’s job harder. I wonder how many of these players Marco Silva actually sanctioned and said he wanted.”

It’s an interesting situation at Everton and kind of opposite to another big reputation club – Manchester United. While one club’s director of football is getting criticized , other is yearning for a director of football to set things right in the club’s performance. Good luck from premier league fans to both of them.

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Bruce was reportedly Newcastle’s 11th choice

Newcastle surprised it’s famous Geordie fans this  summer, swapping Rafa Benitez for Steve Bruce. It is now getting revealed Bruce was the man no one wanted and even the Newcastle hierarchy had eyes elsewhere. Report goes on to claim there were 10 managers that Newcastle wanted ahead of our current boss getting on.

  • Jose Mourinho – The Special One was never going to take over.
  • Mikel Arteta – The former Everton midfielder was reportedly put off the job by Benitez, continuing to be a thorn in Mike Ashley’s side despite leaving.
  • Patrick Vieira – The former Arsenal captain was also in contention, but stayed faithful to Nice.
  • Roberto Martinez – Wants to have a chance at winning a major international tournament next summer at Euro 2020.
  • Sean Dyche – it would have cost the Magpies £10 million to prize Dyche away from Burnley.
  • Sam Allardyce – Allardyce confirmed that he had turned down the job whilst on a private channel interview.
  • Garry Monk – Did not join Newcastle but joined the vacancy left by current boss. Bruce controversially left Sheffield Wednesday, creating a vacancy at Hillsborough which Monk accepted .. Let’s keep moving on
  • Chris Hughton – Former Newcastle boss, Hughton was a popular figure at St James’ Park, and would’ve been welcomed back with open arms. But it didn’t happen.
  • Eddie Howe – Considered the job as a step down for his talent  at display in Bournemouth.
  • Mark Hughes – Name is always in the frame when a job becomes available.

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Jamaican Troy Deeney is clear on his club vs country choice

Watford captain Troy Deeney has spoken about his decision to turn down the chance to play for Jamaica on more than one occasion.A number of Deeney’s team-mates are currently away on international duty, something the Hornets’ number nine has never done himself. he admitted he simply was not interested in representing the Caribbean nation, despite being presented with the opportunity, because he had never been there himself and said if he did ever decide to play for them, it would not be for financial reasons.

Deeney said “I turned down Jamaica because I’ve never been there. I’ve got family that live there but it’s never interested me. Why would I go there and play football and represent a country I’ve never been to? I thought about going there and doing it and if I did do it, every bit of money I got from it I would then put back into Jamaica. I wouldn’t actually take any money because you’re stealing from the land essentially. My nan and that live there, my uncles go out there all the time, but me personally, I have no interest to go there.”

A club vs country row has always raged in English Premier League and made famous, bitter and publicly debated since its inception in 1992. But most of these rows have been between managers of the club and national team. Seldom we see players coming out openly with their choices of club vs country.

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