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EPL Season Review Episode 3 – 10 Things To Discuss

Premier League Museum

Season 2019/2020 – Round 3 Fixtures

Hello premier league museum fans, how do you find our website and podcast EPL 24×7 on youtube so far.. Please provide your feedback or comments on youtube video below or our website

In this podcast on youtube (Link above), we have put together top 10 questions/topics which are worth tracking and discussing amongst premier league fans  as the season progresses..

As starters, media sources have put together  goals covering all the matches. We provide to you those below –


Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle

Wolves 1-1 Burnley

Bournemouth 1-3 Manchester City

Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal

Brighton 0-2 Southampton

Manchester United 1-2 Crystal Palace

Sheffield United 1-2 Leicester City

Watford 1-3 West Ham

Norwich 2-3 Chelsea

Aston Villa 2-0 Everton

Topics Discussed in Podcast

#1 – Who will score Everton’s goals this season ?
#2 – Where will young boys of Norwich and Chelsea take the club ?
#3 – What is “Clear And Obvious” in VAR ?
#4 – What’s wrong with Watford FC this season ?
#5 – Will all newly promoted clubs survive this season ?
#6 – How many goals will David Luiz cost Arsenal this season ?
#7 – Can Harry Kane save Spurs season ? 
#8 – Is this Liverpool’s season finally ?
#9 – Will Manchester City’s golden boys have their last hurray ?
#10 – Is TOP 6 now a TOP 2 for English Premier League title ? 


At the end, we look for 3 things from you as we build podcast and website portal.

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  • Join us in writing stories and articles covering rich history of the league
  • Contribute your experiences as fans of the best league in the world


Please listen to the podcast  and comment below this blog or in youtube how you find the podcast. We would like to listen on your thoughts about this initiative, feedback on any statement and suggestion on how we can get better together as a community of English Premier League fans.

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